5 Things That Should Make New Jersey Home Buyers Stop in Their Tracks

With low inventory and still rising prices, finding an affordable house that meets your requirements is no easy task. But before you make an offer or sign any papers, stop and look more closely. A house may seem like your dream home, but there may be things wrong with it that make it not so great. Consider, then, these 5 things that should make New Jersey home buyers stop in their tracks.

1. Structural Problems

This, of course, is one of the main things that should make New Jersey home buyers stop. Structural problems usually mean a huge expense in putting them right – even if the home doesn’t become a full-blown money pit.

If the inspection turns up anything like the roof needing replacement, cracked foundation, or cracked plaster/drywall, you would be wise to run the other way. These are all red flags indicating major structural problems.

2. Unpermitted Work

Unpermitted work performed on the house in the past may not seem like much cause for concern. But it should be. In fact, it should make New Jersey home buyers stop in their tracks.

There are three reasons why this is so:

  • If you ever decide to do any work (such as a room addition) that requires an inspection and permit, the inspectors will discover the unpermitted work. And then you may become liable for the old permitting fees along with fines.
  • If there is unpermitted work and you have, say, a fire, your insurance may not cover the damage.
  • Finally, you may be responsible for back taxes if the assessments have been based on the house as it was before the unpermitted work.

3. Unsuitable Neighborhood

It’s not for nothing that everyone hammers away at the importance of location. A great house in a bad neighborhood should make New Jersey home buyers stop in their tracks.

No matter how great the house is, if the neighborhood is unsuitable, you should reconsider. Consider these negative neighborhood/location factors:

  • Neighbors who blast loud music 24 hours a day
  • A high crime rate
  • Lots of barking dogs
  • Nearby railroads or airport
  • Nearby industrial plants or factories whose toxic waste products have leached into the soil and water table
  • PowerSchool

Just make sure that the home’s area and neighborhood will help you have a safe, happy, and healthy life for many years to come.

4. Mold and Mildew

Mold can be an extreme health hazard. And the mold abatement process can be both expensive and lengthy. So any signs of mold or mildew should make  New Jersey home buyers stop in their tracks.

Mold can be such an unhealthy and persistent problem that most buyers will run at the first sign and so should you. So be on the lookout for water spots, water in the basement, a mildewy smell, or any other indicator that there may be a mold problem.

5. High-Maintenance Amenities

One thing that should make New Jersey home buyers stop in their tracks, one that most people never think about, is the presence of high-maintenance amenities. They may look cool or be fun, but they’ll require a lot of work and expense. That sauna or indoor pool may seem to have the awesome factor at first, but seldom lives up to expectations when you factor in all the expensive and time-consuming upkeep.

Listen to Your Agent

These are just a few of the things that should make New Jersey home buyers stop in their tracks. There are in fact plenty more – too many really for a layman to keep up with. That’s why it’s best to listen to your agent and let her guide through this minefield. Find out today how our agents can help avoid a home-buying mistake. Just give us a call at (908) 320-7995 or send us a message.

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